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pop culture, history, design, and other things that interest me

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design: textile, objects, interiors


things I've said

05/09/2019 7 COMM

Things are a bit weird around here

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28/06/2019 1 COMM

Vintage design of the day

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25/06/2019 2 COMM

Shelf dreaming

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31/05/2018 1 COMM

One way to create your own fairy garden house

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30/05/2018 0 COMM

Carving a fairy house from cottonwood bark

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10/08/2017 0 COMM

Paisley Tote Bag project

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design & artistic works


some of what I can do

graphic design

I have experience designing for print, textiles, web, and more.


I can teach creative, technical, and humanities topics. What do you want to learn?

video editing

Need a video put together? I can help.


Photoshop is my jam. Let me fix your pics.

interior design

I'm available to help you make your home what you want it to be.


I'm experienced in technical, journalistic, and non-fiction writing. I do have an unhealthy love for the Oxford comma, though.