Shelf dreaming


Geez, where have I been? I write blog posts all the time — but they never seem to make it past Facebook. I need to do a better job of just putting everything here as well.

Anyway. So I want to put a big ol’ shelf unit on the high wall in my bedroom (the ceiling is vaulted and one of the walls is VERY tall). The IKEA KALLAX unit I have is not enough.

So I was thinking of doing floating shelves all the way up. Maybe LACK shelves (because, dammit, they are cheap and plain).

But then I stumbled on this:

Modular shelf
Imagine this in some amazing bright colors. Source:

It’s just made from plywood and the 75 cent IKEA EKBY STÖDIS shelf brackets. But look at the great atomic-era shape it creates!

So now I’m thinking about this. Only twice as tall. Or something like that. 😀

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