2 thoughts on “Wristwarmers for everyone!

  1. Please tell me what happens when you try to download it so I can troubleshoot the problem. I just tested it yesterday and the file is there and does work. If it’s not downloading there is probably an issue with your computer. You do need software such as Adobe Reader to download my patterns. A few people have had problems getting the patterns, but so far it’s all been because of problems with their computer configuration. Are you able to view any other PDF files?

    Here is a link to the Little Twist pattern.

    Here is a link to the Warm Braid Cable pattern.

    Someone else who had trouble getting the files said:

    “I was finally able to get the pattern. The fault was all mine. I had downloaded the newest version of Adobe and had not rebooted the computer. Once I figured out that I was unable to open any PDF I figured out what I had done. Sorry for the confusion.”

    To see if you are having this same problem, you can click this link to test if you have Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader installed correctly.

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