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I know I said “no more wristwarmers for a while.” But then I lost the pair that I wear every day, so I had to make a new pair. It’s boring to keep making the same one, so I had to come up with a new pattern. So here it is, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out: “A Little Twist” (PDF, should be readable on most systems — This is a big file, it might take some time to download, especially if you are on dialup! Please be patient and wait for the PDF to download!).

They are made of a soft cashmere blend yarn, with delicate cables and a thumb gusset. Like the other wristwarmers I’ve posted, these are a quick knit, and great for gifts.

Here are a couple more pics (click to see the larger ones at Flickr):

Some people have made these wristwarmers and posted their own pictures! I will link to photos here, so send me your URL if you post pictures of wristwarmers knitted from my pattern:

This pattern is Worthware — that means, if you like it, please send what you think it’s worth via the PayPal button here. I hope you think it’s worth something. πŸ™‚ Thanks for looking at my pattern!

37 thoughts on “Pattern: “A Little Twist” Wristwarmers

  1. They would be good for that. I remember playing in many cold practice rooms when I was playing.

    You could always learn to knit… these are pretty easy.

  2. I have made some plain wristwarmers for my Merchant Marine son and now it is time for making some for me.
    Thanks for a great pattern. I love it and know these wristwarmers will get plenty of wear. Thanks for being so generous as to share your patterns with all of us on the internet.

  3. I just checked the link and it still works. You could try it again, or let me know your e-mail address and I could e-mail you the pattern. It is a PDF so you have to have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat or another PDF-reading program to read it. You probably do, unless you have a WebTV or something like that. As long as you have a computer with a program that reads PDFs it should work.

  4. I like the blue grey ones a lot but cannot get a pattern to come up could
    you email me please? Thanks, Paula

  5. I can e-mail you, but I don’t understand why people are saying they can’t get it… I tested the link; it’s still working. If you are on dialup it will take a while to load, but that’s all.

    I think that probably is the issue. It is a big file and will take some time to load. Please wait a while for it to come up.

  6. I was finally able to get the pattern. The fault was all mine. I had downloaded the newest version of Adobe and had not rebooted the computer. Once I figured out that I was unable to open any PDF I figured out what I had done. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Hello – I cannot seem to find or print your pattern for “/A Little
    Twist” Wristwarmers and they look so good!!
    Are you able to e it to me??

  8. The pattern is linked from . I have checked the link (and had other folks check it) and it does work! As long as you have a program that reads PDFs it should come up. Bobbie, in one of the comments above, said “I had downloaded the newest version of Adobe and had not rebooted the computer. Once I figured out that I was unable to open any PDF I figured out what I had done.” So you might try rebooting, if you are having the same problem. Please try that and let me know if it works.

  9. Hello litlnemo,
    I tried again, was able to print your pattern. I will send you a picture once I make a pair. Thank you for sharing your pattern with us knitsters.

  10. I can’t open your link to the pattern. I made about 12 pairs of these for Christmas presents – and everyone loves them!! I think I accidentally threw awa the pattern and I want to make another pair for myself! Eventually, I will have all different colors/styles of yarn! Tina

  11. Hi! I am knitting the little twist wristwarmers and please do not think me stupid, but I am having trouble with the M1. At Round 25, P2, K2, P1, then M1,K1,M1, then P1, K2, it appears that I am making 3 new stitches between the purl stitches. Is this correct? I feel really dumb, as it appears no one else has had a problem. Thanks, Sherrill

  12. At the end of Round 25 you should have 3 total stitches between those purls. Because Round 26 reads: “p2, k2, p1, sm, k3, sm, p1” so you know there will have to be 3 stitches there to knit once you get to Round 26.

    So you have done one M1 on the previous round, and when you do two on this one, you should have 3 total between the purls. You might be running into trouble if you are using an extra stitch for your M1 somehow (I can see that it would be a little confusing if you use a Kfb increase), but if you are doing a bar increase it’s just like this:

    P1, slip marker if you’re using one, lift bar onto needle and knit into the back of it (making 1 stitch), K the next stitch, lift bar onto needle and knit into the back of it (making 1 stitch), slip marker, P1.

    So at the end of Round 25 you will have three stitches between the markers/purls and all will be well. πŸ™‚ Good luck with the pattern! I would love to see how they turn out.

  13. Thanks for responding. I will do as instructed and will send a pic when finished. Thanks again. Sherrill

  14. I’m going crazy with this pattern. Am I crazy? Round 24 – You add 1 new stitch – however, the pattern describes this round as: p2, k2, p1, place marker, m1, place marker, p1, k2. *p2, k2 repeat * to end. Let’s say I have 10 stitches on my first needle and then add 1. That makes 11 stitches, right? However, the line directions (prior to the asterik) only account for 9 stitches. You end up with an uneven p1 at the end of that needle and the rest of the rows get misaligned. I’ve tried doing this three times now and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

  15. Don’t count the M1.

    Think of it this way:

    You are starting with 12 sts on the needle according to the pattern. (Not 10.)

    p2, k2, p1 — you have used up 5 of your 12 sts, and 7 remain.

    place marker, m1, place marker — you have added one st, but 7 still remain of your original 10.

    p1, k2, *p2, k2 — this uses up the rest of the original 7 sts on the needle. You should now have 13 sts on the needle!

    repeat from * to end of round — this means you just p2 k2 on the other 2 needles.

    I hope this clarifies it. Don’t count the m1 in that row. Remember, the m1 goes in the middle of the 2 purls in the rib sequence.

  16. HI, I’ve made your wristwarmers, with a few variations – very nice pattern, thanks! You can see pics of what I ended up with here :

    I changed the way the thumb gusset cast-off goes – I only cast off 12 stitches, and in the next row knit the extra un-cast-off-stitch (ie on the *left* side of the gusset) in with the last stitch on the *right* edge of the gusset – this helped to close up the hole that appears otherwise.

    Did those instructions make sense? Easy to do, tricky to explain in words only!

  17. Ooh, they look very nice! I like that yarn. Your modification makes total sense, I think. πŸ™‚ Hard to tell when I don’t have the knitting in front of me, but it sounds good! I’m glad you liked the pattern!

  18. Like a previous comment said, this pattern didn’t make sense to me at Round 24 either. I read your response to her but I’m still baffled. You have the P2 K2 P1 (place marker) M1 (place marker) P1 K2 *P2, K2 repeat and yes, you have the first 5 stitches with the P2 K2 P1 and have 7 more stitches left over. However, if you’re doing the M1 (bar increase style – knit one and knit into the back), isn’t that using a stitch, with the purpose of adding? That would entail that there’s 6 stitches left, making the rest of the pattern off by 1. I think that’s what she means. And I’ve been trying variations of adding 1 without actually using a stitch (yarn over) but it creates holes. Please help. This is driving me nuts!

  19. Your bar increase isn’t the same as my bar increase. I see my problem is that I have named the increase incorrectly. I have always thought that a “bar increase” was the same as a “lifted increase”. (Must have gotten confused about this shortly after I learned to knit — and it’s never been a problem in any pattern I’ve knitted.) πŸ™‚ The lifted increase is what I intended here. However, you can still use a bar increase. Basically, place the marker, pfb, then put the next marker between the two sts from the pfb. I think that would work.

    Or, to make life simpler, just use a basic backwards-loop M1. I think that’s probably what most people are doing as lots of people have made this and very few people have commented on a problem. It really doesn’t matter which increase you use — even the YO might work if you don’t mind the little holes.

    I will fix the pattern to make this more clear. Thanks for the comment.

  20. Do you know how long I looked for a pattern to make for my new step grand daughter that is in the Goth phase of her early teen years. The first of many diff ones I hope. Any way I thought what else can you make a goth girl…arm warmers! Thanks a bunch! I am a brand new knitter so wish me luck.

  21. Hi!! My name is Kim and I like to knit. My nieces live out west and I always see them wearing wrist warmers but they crochet.I asked my friend, who is a Master Knitter where to get a pattern. She sent me to Patternfish. I’m not quite sure how to do this, but I’m hoping with your help I can get the pattern for these beautiful Twisted Cable Wrist Warmers. I only need the pattern for personal use. Thank-you for sharing…

  22. Kim, you can get the pattern by clicking the link in the post on this page, where it says Ò€œA Little TwistÒ€. My pattern isn’t on Patternfish.

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