24 years ago this week: YEAH! Magazine #5, Bumbershoot Preview


This week I’ve got YEAH! Magazine issue #5 for you: the 1987 Bumbershoot Preview. We posted capsule previews for all of the local bands playing at that year’s Bumbershoot festival. If you were around here in the 80s, these names should bring back a lot of memories.

This was the last weekly issue. The weekly grind was a bit much for us so we switched to biweekly after this one.

(Click on the cover to download the whole issue as a PDF.)

2 thoughts on “24 years ago this week: YEAH! Magazine #5, Bumbershoot Preview

  1. Wendi, I have one of those long triangular cake pans. Did you ever get one? I was searching for recipes for it and found your request that way. Give me a call and maybe we can trade for it. I was searching for recpipes specifically for it, but am not that into baking anymore. You can call me day or night at 62-562-7411. I live in Senatobia, Mississippi. That’s near Memphis, TN If nothing else, maybe you could link me to appropriate recipes.

    Annabelle Meacham

  2. Hello!

    We are updating all our records here at Prime Publishing and wanted to make sure we have the appropriate documentation for permission to feature your great projects on our sites. We love having your projects on AllFreeKnitting and our readers just love them too!

    I would like to send you our permission form. All you have to do is just check the appropriate box and send it back or you can just send me an email and let us know we have permission to link to your site. Then we are all set.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and if you have any questions, please let me know.

    Adam Kaplan
    Editor, AllFreeKnittin

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