Where have I been lately? takes an unexpected turn


Just a quick note. I didn’t get around to posting the rest of the European trip stuff yet, because I had an oh-so-exciting trip to the emergency room instead. This was followed by a fascinating guided tour of an operating room, a brief sojourn in a recovery room, and a restful time in a hospital room with a lovely view of the TV towers on Seattle’s First Hill. This place was called “Swedish”, but looked nothing like IKEA. And I didn’t get Swedish pancakes and lingonberry sauce either. But they got my appendix. Bye appendix. We had some great times together.

If necessary, I blame this post on the post-op pain meds.

2 thoughts on “Where have I been lately? takes an unexpected turn

  1. The appendix is totally over-rated; you won’t miss it a bit! Hope your recovery is a quick one.

    Interesting note…I work in surgery and the incision that is used in an appendectomy is called a “McBurney”. How’s that for surgical trivia?

    On another note…my husband is currently in Austria near Gratz. Is there anything that you found during your travels that a knitter would love in that region? He is coming home on Sunday so I still have time to send him shopping!

  2. I didn’t see much other than a couple of yarn stores — however, the Müller store had a bunch of great sock yarn on clearance. Some of it was, IIRC, 2 Euros ($3) for a big skein that would make a pair of socks and probably cost more than $12 here. They also had Regia sock yarn for a good price, much less than we pay in the US, so I would head for Müller and buy some yarn if you like Regia, and if there’s a Müller near Gratz. The one I went to was actually in Berchtesgaden, in Germany but only a short distance from Salzburg.

    There are probably better places to go, but I didn’t get a chance to find any.

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