Where have I been lately?


Photo taken in Munich.

Well, Germany for one. And Austria for the other. And since then, lots of work to catch up on to make up for the time while I was gone. (And for the knitters — I got my Ravelry invitation while I was gone, so that’s been taking up a bit of my time as well.) 😉 I’ve been back for just over a week, now.

I do want to post a bit about the trip in the upcoming days when I have time to do it. For now, here’s a photo of something I found a little odd; high fashion mannequins wearing traditional Bavarian clothing. (There were a lot of window displays like this. It was Oktoberfest time, you see. There were also a lot of people actually wearing these clothes, completely unselfconsciously and non-ironically, because that’s what you wear to the festival! To my cynical American eyes, this was odd but also rather nice. It almost made me want to don a dirndl.

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