Random Ten


So several of the blogs I read do this Random Ten thing on Fridays. I guess I will be a lemming and do one too, though by the time I get it posted it will probably be Saturday.

“Steppin’ Out” — Joe Jackson
“Love -> Building On Fire” — Talking Heads
“New York Mining Disaster” — Bee Gees
“There She Goes” — La’s
“Stray Cat Strut” — Stray Cats
“What’s Going Ahn” — Big Star
“Flagpole Sitta” — Harvey Danger
“Like Wow, Wipeout” — Hoodoo Gurus
“Alice Childress” — Ben Folds Five
“Lonely Is [As Lonely Does]” — Marti Jones

Hmm, this is a power-poppy Ten, isn’t it?

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