On MetaFilter there’s a tradition of posting “.” to indicate that one has no words. Usually this is used in obituary threads; it’s a way to show that the poster is there, and cares, but just can’t come up with the words to express it.

That is me, this week.

I’ve visited New Orleans twice (the last time was in August 2001, when we also drove between Pensacola and New Orleans through Mobile, Gulfport, and Biloxi on US 90) and loved it. I wanted to go back again and again. So this has been a difficult week for me, but of course nowhere near as difficult as the week people who live in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast, or who have family there, are having.

Like many I’ve been obsessively reading the Times-Picayune breaking news page and watching the WWL streaming feed. And like many, I have been ranting at the incredible cluelessness shown by our government throughout the crisis. But when it comes to posting about it…


There really are no words.

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