The Retro Motels of Highway 99


The Retro Motels of Highway 99 is a photo essay of some of the great old highway signs on Aurora Avenue North/Highway 99, which used to be the major route between Canada and Mexico, and is now the home of skanky run-down motels frequented by hookers and drug addicts. Some of these signs would have looked much better photographed at night when the neon glow would hide the rust and neglect; others haven’t had working neon in years, so it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, it’s a fascinating bit of rapidly disappearing Americana.

3 thoughts on “The Retro Motels of Highway 99

  1. I need help getting night shots of these Motel signs. If anyone with a digital camera lives close by to Seattle Hwy please send me night pictures!! Thanks.

  2. Heh. Well, if I ever have a camera when I’m in the area I’ll try to take some. Though, honestly, some of those are in areas I wouldn’t want to wander around in at night…

  3. Good point. Someday I’ll be daring enough. Winter is good with the short days. You could get a few pictures before 6pm.

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