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You know, I thought for sure I had posted here about Today In Alternate History, but it’s not coming up in the search, so I’m going to mention it now. TIAH is a great site that includes daily listings of what happened in various alternative timelines on a particular date. It’s fun to compare the alternate history with real history, but it’s also fun to watch the storylines developing through the tidbits of information we get each day.

If you like this, you should also see The Annotated Today in Alternate History, in which another blogger is posting commentary about the original TIAH posts, comparing them with real history. If you are not familiar with the nuances of the historical events altered on TIAH, this site can help you figure out what was changed.

If you’re wondering “what the heck is this Alternative History thing she’s talking about?”, Uchronia is the site that can explain all — an exhaustive bibliography of alternative histories with an extended introduction to the topic.

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