Amusing UK place names


From Crapstone to Great Cockup to Pratt’s Bottom: this list of “159 of the most stupidly named places in the UK” (i.e., names that are, as the page says, “smutty”) is quite entertaining. Each name is linked to a map of the location, just in case you don’t believe such places could actually exist.

You have to love a country with place names like Nasty, Rotten Bottom, and Twatt, don’t you?

9 thoughts on “Amusing UK place names

  1. Is there a site anywhere listing the most beautiful UK place names?

    I actually have a book of UK place names, so maybe I will have to write up my own list someday.

  2. I used to live in the South West of Britain and near Bristol there is a place called Fishpond. Imagine telling people that you live in Fishpond…

  3. Check this out… I’m welsh originally… My starsign is half goat half man (capricorn)… and i live in Ramsbottom!!! Blame my parents for all those!!!

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