Doomed iBook


So, Apple has finally done the right thing and created a program to cover the replacement of the defective logic boards in certain iBooks. Which is good, and they should have done it a long time ago. However, I see from reading this announcement that I am doomed. My iBook’s serial number is included in the group of covered iBooks. I wonder what the percentage of iBooks with this problem is, and the likelihood that mine will fail. It’s great that Apple will fix it for free if it happens, but I certainly don’t want to lose the use of the iBook for days or longer while the work is done. I am crossing my fingers.

3 thoughts on “Doomed iBook

  1. You can’t get it fixed until the component fails. It’s not a general recall. Unfortunately — because it would be nice to be able to schedule the repair for a time when I don’t need the iBook.

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