Spamming slime hits Seablogs site


If you have a website that allows people to add links to their own blogs without human intervention, you might want to change that. Some jerk has made fake “blogs” promoting certain medications beloved by spammers (one starts with a V; you know which one I mean), and is posting links to his blogs on sites such as Seablogs. (I’ve reported this to the Seablogs maintainer, so hopefully by the time you read this the links will have been removed from the Seablogs site. If they’re still there, you’ll know. They’re pretty obvious. They are named after the medications in question.) He’s obviously trying to get a lot of links so that he can get a better PageRank on Google, so I’m not going to link to the spammer’s sites, but they are on Blogspot and the “blogger”/spammer calls himself Yogendra. Check your sites and make sure the guy isn’t spamming you, too.

10 thoughts on “Spamming slime hits Seablogs site

  1. Yeah. I was thinking that Blogspot probably can’t pull the blogs because of their content, because it’s none of their business what you write about in a blog… but they might be able to pull them for TOS violations, since I bet they were spammed all over, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t Seattle blogs so the Seablogs links are definitely spam.

  2. ARGH! The headline for this post should have been “Spamming Slime Slams Seablogs Site” — much better with the full alliteration. What was I thinking?!

  3. Ok litlnemo!
    This is me and all the silly crap you are pouring against me is none of your biz. You better keep your a** away from this business. This is a ad-mad IM world. Not just me but everyone is doing this. So you will die before you can even detect 1% of them SPAMMERS.

    Its just our bread&butter. Plz man. Im requesting stay off and stop bragging.

  4. Wow, you’re pitiful.

    Why not make your “bread&butter” from a business that is not illegal and unethical? Are you lazy or stupid or evil or all three? Because that’s what it takes to be a spammer. Laziness, stupidity, and/or evil.

  5. People have been continually spamming mine. That is why we have a certain amount of moderation going on. In case you were wondering why your posts don’t appear immediately…

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