Elobey, Annobon and Corisco


No, they’re not new brand names for food products. They are a group of islands off West Africa, that issued their own postage from 1903-1909. Along with such obscure places as Eastern Remulia, Eupen and Malmedy, Dedeagatch, Cilicia, and Bhor, they are listed in the Linn’s Stamp News list of Stamp Issuing Entities Of The World. “But wait,” you say, “I don’t collect stamps.” Doesn’t matter. The list is great — each place has a paragraph or two of description, describing the political history of the locale, not just the philatelic history. It’s truly fascinating to read about these nations or states that are mostly forgotten now, and what happened to them. I suppose perhaps you have to be a certain sort of geek to enjoy this sort of thing; I am clearly that sort of geek.

3 thoughts on “Elobey, Annobon and Corisco

  1. Like we need more books! 🙂 It’s like all the books out there for simplifying your life, or getting rid of clutter — to do that, you shouldn’t be buying more books!

    I’m only through the G’s in this list so far. I just read it a bit at a time. Aren’t some of the names wonderful?

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