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Sunday, Nov 3 2013

My surnames book is out!

kindle-cover-wakefieldIt may not be the Great American Novel, but I do have a book out as of a week or two ago. Middle English Surnames in West Yorkshire is a book version of my MA thesis, and it should be of interest to folks into genealogy, onomastics (names), language, the SCA or similar groups, or English history.

The first part of the book is an overview of surnames and the names in the Wakefield Manor court rolls. The rest of the book — most of it — is a list of all the names with etymologies and references, divided by type.

If you are looking for a medieval name for the SCA, this is a good source. Every name in the list is from the 13th or 14th century, so they are all documented during SCA period. Many of the names are from place names as well, so this is also useful when looking for a place name to use.

Here are a few places to buy it:

It should appear in other locations soon as well.


  • Wednesday, Nov 13 2013

    Wendi Dunlap, as I live and breathe. I ran across the Slumberland url perusing The BBS Corner. Imagine my surprise to see litlnemo. Middle English Surnames of West Yorkshire sounds a positive delight. Hope you are well. (cathy now in fl)

  • Wednesday, Nov 13 2013

    Hi! 😀 Hope you are doing well, too!


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