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  1. Hi, there,

    I’m Gwen the Potter in Dragon’s Laire. I tracked you down from your Flikr site, and then to your blog. I saw your photos of the “Cooking in Period Pottery” class you took from me at the Ithra in Fall 2009. I was wondering if I could use those photos on my website. Let me know! Thanks!


  2. LOVED the Dog House and miss it sooo much. Nothing has come close to replacing it in our lives 🙂 thanks for sharing the pic. It’s fabulous

  3. Saturday, 3/19/2011


    I have a genealogy question and this is the only way I can think of to contact you.

    On your web site you have a person, Sarah Wallbridge, who is my wife’s g-g-grandmother. She was the first wife of Dr. Moses Hilton Williams who died in 1901 in Puyallup, Washington. Also, three of her five children are buried in Sumner, Washington.

    Sarah apparently died some time between 1867 and 1871. We have been trying for months to confirm her maiden name. She is “Sarah Williams” on the 1861 census of Canada. We have suspected that her maiden name was Walbridge (with one L) because her husband was listed as a widower on the 1871 census and three of her five children were living with two Walbridge families in the local area of Ameliasburg, Ontario.

    Can you direct me to a source to confirm her marriage to Moses Williams? Any idea about her date of death and burial location? Any other source information on her?

    Thanks so much.

    Bill and Jan Rogers
    Gig Harbor, Washington


  4. Hello,

    The sources are listed for the information on the website. The source listed for this one is found here:


    Unfortunately, it looks as though the website I found the info on is dead and I cannot find the printouts. Perhaps you can track down Mr. Stuart somehow.

    (The spelling of Wallbridge/Walbridge frequently varies, even in the same generation, so try both spellings.)

    In a quick look at the Wallbridge genealogy book by W.G. Wallbridge, I didn’t see her, but I did see a mention of her father (at least, according to Stuart’s info). But no mention of her, so no confirmation.

  5. Saturday evening, 3/19/2011

    Thanks Wendi,

    I’ll try to run down these leads. The search goes on.

    Bill Rogers

  6. The Doghouse features prominently in JA Jance’s detective JP Beaumont series. The character ate there often.

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