Finished: Melusine Scarf


It’s done!

The Melusine scarf is done! Here it is. I would like to get some better pics when I get a chance.

The pattern is coming soon! If you like this and want to knit it, keep your eye right here; I’ll be posting about it when the pattern is done.

Tech specs:

  • Brooklyn Handspun Signature fingering yarn, about half a skein (240 yards)
  • US 6 needles
  • 24 grams size 6/0 seed beads (I didn’t need all of them), and three larger beads for the tassels

Scarf was 54″ long pre-blocking, and it is 72″ long x 5.5″ wide now.

I am very happy with the way it turned out!

3 thoughts on “Finished: Melusine Scarf

  1. (Compeletely irrelevent to post.)

    Dropped by to say hi, ‘cuz I just pointed somebody to your wristwarmer pattern. (Hey, has anybody else typed it “wristswarmer”? That’d be a wristwarmer with lots of bees on it, I guess.) Here’s her:

    So, hi, howya doing? This week, I finally bought an Intel Mac, so it’ll be the first mainly OS X box I’ll have had. (I plan to try Linux, too.)

    And in other news, JOIN US:

  2. Sorry this took so long to get posted. My blogspam filter caught this post. :/ This is actually the first false-positive for that filter in about 3 years.

    Which Mac did you get? I have a Mini and a Macbook now.

    I’ve just been outrageously busy lately, doing thesis work, designing knitting patterns, other work… *sigh* It’s crazy.

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