Slouchy beret in progress


This is the Gretel hat in progress. I’m knitting the slouchy version, in Cascade 220 yarn. I’ve actually gotten quite a bit further into this since I took the picture. I’m almost to the point where I start the decreases.

It’s a fun knit. I might finish it today if I have time.

9 thoughts on “Slouchy beret in progress

  1. dude. thats sweet
    i’ve been getting SO into wanting to learn how to knit one
    i spent 28 dollars on a slouchy knit beret at urban outfitters
    i want to get another one but its so much for a hat that i can easily make at home!
    if you can possibly tell or explain how to knit one
    please e-mail me

  2. Hello all,
    I’m sorry, but I can’t teach you all how to knit this. As I mentioned above, you can get the pattern from the link in my blog post, but I am not able to give knitting lessons at the moment. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but there are many resources already online for learning how to knit cables.

  3. i agree. my friend just bought a hat at urban and ive been spending all day trying to find a pattern…could u email this pattren when u figure it out

  4. I can’t e-mail you this pattern. It’s a commercial pattern that you need to buy. Follow the link I posted above.

    And alec, you didn’t give an e-mail address anyway.

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