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Well, I don’t post often enough in the best of times, but dealing with 3 weeks of bronchitis made me a lot less motivated to post. You know how it is — you do the minimum you have to do, and then your brain just shuts down for a while. And now that I am well, I keep feeling as if nothing I want to post about is important enough to post after such a long posting drought.

So, I decided I’d just post about some random stuff to get back into the posting mode.

I am sitting here with Kool-Aid on my head. You know how you can dye wool with Kool-Aid? Well, you can dye hair that way too. Usually people do this with the bright colors like red and blue. They fade pretty badly. I am trying something different. I have the Hispanic Kool-Aid flavors, Tamarindo and Jamaica. Tamarindo is a warm brown, and Jamaica is a deep red. I took what was left of a bottle of conditioner, and mixed in 2 packets of Tamarindo and half a packet of Jamaica. The resulting dye is a deep mahogany color. Then I put it on part of my head. Basically I am just trying to cover the roots in the area around my face that has white hair (sadly, I started getting these in my 20s). I know that it probably won’t go brown with the Kool-Aid, but I’m hoping it will at least put a little color on those white hairs. It might go orange, for all I know. Stay tuned.

I am knitting as fast as I can! I am working on a new pattern, my own design, possibly for submission somewhere. The thing is, it has to be done by this weekend (the knitted item, anyway), because it’s a gift. I am about 2/3 done. The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (the new version) which is actually really nice to knit with despite including a bunch of acrylic. It’s not as rough as some cotton yarns and it seems pretty good for toddler clothing, which is what this will be. Photos will come eventually, depending on whether I submit it or not.

Sure, I’ll take free tickets… to Edward Scissorhands at the 5th Avenue this week. I received an e-mailed offer of free tickets to see the show. I was mystified as to why, until I read the e-mail more closely and saw that it’s because of the blog. They want me to post about it in the blog. Well, sure, I’ll post about it. They can’t buy a good review, however. If I don’t like it, I will say so. Check back in a few days for my impressions of the show. I’m pretty easily impressed by stage spectacle, and I love the film, so I’m kind of predisposed to like it, but perhaps they’ll ruin it. I don’t know.

They also asked if I would post some information for others who want to see it, and I suppose that it is fair to do this in exchange for the tickets, though they didn’t require I do so.

Here is what they said:

“You can attend Young Professionals’ Night at the 5th Avenue Theatre on Friday, April 27 at 8 PM and see the new stage adaptation of Edward Scissorhands.

“Buy your advance tickets for this special event using promotional code: TOPIARY. This code will get you the best seats available (a regular $68 value) for only $40. You must be 39 or under to take advantage of the offer. Please have your ID ready as you enter the theatre.

“To buy your tickets, simply go to http://www.5thavenue.org, call 206-625-1900, or stop by the 5th Avenue Theatre Box Office in-person. Don’t forget to use the promotional code TOPIARY when ordering your tickets.

“For more information, visit the 5th Avenue Theatre website.”

I mentioned this on the BBS and someone told me that these promo codes are everywhere, that the Edward Scissorhands folks are promoting the heck out of it on blogs and journals. Well, more power to them for realizing that a lot of their target audience reads blogs more than newspapers! As I mentioned above, I do not sell good reviews, but I’ll post what I really thought of the performance after I see the play.

3 thoughts on “Kool-Aid, bronchitis, knitting, Edward Scissorhands

  1. I can’t believe you would have such an attitude towards people giving you free tickets! That seems really un-appropriate and mean spirited.

  2. I don’t understand why you would say that. It would be unethical for me to promote the play without at least being straightforward about why I am promoting it. Otherwise, why should you believe anything I say? If I post about some knitting yarn, and say “hey, this yarn is the best thing ever and you should all buy it,” wouldn’t you think differently of my review if you found out that the yarn maker was giving me a bunch of free stuff in exchange for a review?

    Many, if not most, newspapers don’t allow their reporters to accept anything free in this sort of context. As this isn’t a newspaper (though I have a journalism background), I will be a bit slacker about it, but I will also be completely open: “these tickets were a gift.” And then people can determine what to think of my review, with that knowledge in mind.

    I don’t know what you thought I was saying. I am certainly grateful for the tickets and think it was nice of them to send them my way. But if I write about the play, I want it to be clear that the opinion is mine and that I don’t write puff pieces in exchange for free stuff. Though sometimes I wish I could. 🙂

  3. Oh, if you were perhaps thinking that I jumped to conclusions about the ticket offer being because of the blog, the e-mail specifically said that they would like it if I would post the ticket code to my blog.

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