Pattern: Detlef-13 (Felted laptop sleeve for 13-inch laptop)


Photo by litlnemo.

I finished the laptop sleeve this week! It came out quite nice; I think it will do a great job of keeping my Macbook from getting scratched! Here is the pattern.

It takes three skeins of Cascade 220 (two main color, one contrast color), and is knitted in the round, double-stranded. It has a zipper around three sides, so you can open it up all the way instead of having to slide the laptop in and out of a pouch-type bag. It’s a quick knit and lots of fun.

Here are a couple more pics (click on each to see the larger photos at Flickr):
Finished laptop sleeve and kitten paws Unzipped laptop sleeve and kitten

If you make one of these, please send me a picture! I’ll post a link to it here. πŸ™‚

(Wondering why the pattern is “Detlef-13”? Well, the original name turned out to already be taken, by a German maker of laptop sleeves. And Detlef, a German name, is “felted” backwards.)

16 thoughts on “Pattern: Detlef-13 (Felted laptop sleeve for 13-inch laptop)

  1. That is AWESOME!

    I think I need to make one–my dh is a mac programmer and he’d love it!

    Guess I need to measure his–he has a macbook pro (I have a powerbook 13″ so maybe I should make one for me, lol!)

  2. I don’t know the dimensions of the Macbook Pro, but it’s pretty easy to adjust the sizing on this based on the gauge. My Macbook is the 13.3 one — the bag is very slightly loose on it, but I could have felted it down a bit more. I was impatient to be done. I think if I’d done one more felting round it would have been skin-tight on the Macbook, but this way there is room to put in a folder of papers or something without having it be skin-tight.

  3. I’ve been searching for something like this all over the place! Its perfect! I just got a new mac book a couple days ago and want to make a cover for it. Great thing is, its a 13 inch one.

  4. That will be perfect, then. πŸ™‚ How do you like your Macbook? I love mine. I had an iBook before, but the Macbook is much cooler. πŸ™‚

  5. Yes, I think mine were actually 29s. 24 seemed like it would be better but 29s weren’t really a problem. I was using the Boye Needlemaster kit needles for it.

  6. Hi, I love the laptop computer sleeve, it is exactly what I have been looking for, however I cannot access the pattern – if there is anyway you could send it to me I would really appreciate it . Thank you Betsy Spurr

  7. Hello,

    Please try again — it’s hosted on Ravelry now, and occasionally Rav is down for maintenance or something, but it should work. However, you have to have a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat or you won’t be able to see it.

    If it still doesn’t work, please post again, but let me know exactly what happened when you tried to access it, because I just tested and it is working right now. Thanks!

    (Oh, also, your browser might have downloaded the file and just not shown it to you. If you look in the folder where your browser puts all the downloaded files, it might be there already.)

  8. Hi, can somebody please tell me the original measure that this 100 stitches produce? As I have never felted before, I don´t know if the original sleeve has to double this size (13″) or not!
    Please help!

  9. The gauge is 12 stitches & 14 rows/4 inches in stockinette stitch, unfelted, which becomes 13 stitches & 18 rows/4 inches, felted. If you can match this gauge you will probably be fine. But you really must do a gauge swatch to know if you can get that gauge!

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