How Creme Eggs have changed


Photo by LemonDrizzleCake.

It’s not quite Eastertime yet, but there are already Cadbury Creme Eggs to be found at some shops. Have you noticed that they’ve been getting smaller and smaller? LemonDrizzleCake, on Flickr, has. Her grandma has knitted chicken-shaped egg covers for them for 20 years, to give as gifts to children. She’s gradually had to change the pattern to make the covers smaller, and has ended up with enough leftover yarn to make wings for the chickens!

It’s sad that the eggs have gotten smaller, but in a way I don’t mind, because they are so darned sweet that one egg is really too much sweetness anyway. I’ve also noticed they don’t taste as good as they used to, but I’m not sure if the egg recipe has changed or if it’s just my taste that has.

5 thoughts on “How Creme Eggs have changed

  1. Who’d have thought? I also believe that donuts are getting smaller. Which is weird, because apart from creme eggs and donuts, portions seem to be getting bigger for everything else.

    The taste of the eggs seems to have changed too, you’re right. It’s sad.

  2. I think the taste has changed too. For me, there almost no such thing as too sweet, but I don’t love these like I used to. I believe the recipe changed along with the size. Fruit roll ups are smaller too. I remember as a kid they were the size of dinner plates. Now they are a tiny little square.

  3. Yes. I still like sweet stuff, and lots of the candies and such that I liked 20 years ago still taste good, but the creme eggs are really unsatisfying now. So maybe they did change the recipe. I didn’t know about the fruit roll-ups! I haven’t bought them in a few years.

  4. Does your nan share the pattern? Smaller is not such a bad thing, but why do the eggs not have the taste they used to?

  5. Dani, click on the picture to go to the Flickr page about this — it is that person whose grandmother has the pattern. I don’t have it. Good luck!

    Incidentally, I saw some creme eggs at QFC the other day, and they really are smaller — they might even be smaller than they were last year!

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