Tiger and the Rat


Photo by litlnemo.

Sorry for the condition of this photo. It was taken in a dimly lit room, with a bad camera, and damaged film. I did the best I could to enhance it. I just found the photo while cleaning house; it was taken in spring 1996.

Anyway. I have told some of you the story of Tiger and the Rat before. This was in our old place in Wallingford, a rental with a rodent problem. Right after Tiger moved in with us, I walked into the kitchen and saw a big RAT in the middle of the floor. The rat froze. I froze. Then I said “here, kitty kitty kitty…”

Tiger wandered nonchalantly into the room, then saw the rat and — ZING! both cat and rat disappeared into the other room. I walked into the living room, calling the cat, and Tiger came out from the bedroom… proudly bearing her rat trophy. Then she dropped it on the floor at my feet and I took this picture.

(Then I pushed the rat outside with a broom, disappointing Tiger greatly.)

Tiger was a little 7 pound cat and this was a pretty big rat, though of course Tiger was still way bigger.

Our rat problem went away. DO NOT MESS WITH THE TIGER.

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