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This is a pattern for a hat I knitted last month. The original Cupcake hat was knitted for my new niece’s baby shower. It was such a hit and I liked the hat so much I thought I’d submit it to an online knitzine (this is the submission I mentioned in a recent post). It was rejected, so here it is. At least this way you didn’t have to wait until July to see it. 🙂

Download the Cupcake hat here (PDF). The pattern is free but it is “Worthware”; if you like it, please send what you think it’s worth to my PayPal account (address is on the pattern).

Some people have made this hat and posted their own pictures! I will link to photos here, so send me your URL if you post pictures of hats knitted from my pattern:

Here are a few more pics (click on each to see the larger photos at Flickr):
Cupcake baby hat with real cupcakes Cupcake baby hat with real cupcakes Cupcake baby hat with real cupcakes

20 thoughts on “Pattern: Cupcake baby hat

  1. I can’t believe you were rejected! How ridiculous is that! You hat is adorable and I certainly want to make one! GREAT JOB!!!

    Happy Knitted Hugs

  2. I love this pattern and hat, I am looking for a yarn to use the Jo-Ann Sensations Dolcetto has been discontinued. If you have any suggestions on what other
    yarn would work, I would love to hear.


  3. I don’t have a specific yarn suggestion, unfortunately. The Dolcetto yarn was a wool/cotton/nylon blend, so you might see if you can find an aran/light worsted yarn with similar fiber content. Someone online is using the Jo-Ann Sensations Tesoro, which looks nice, but it might have a smaller gauge, perhaps. Sorry I don’t have any better ideas at the moment.

  4. In the post above, where it says “Download the Cupcake hat here (PDF).” Click there. You need software that can read PDFs to view it, such as Adobe Reader.

  5. Hi- I am having trouble downloading this cupcake pattern- I love it and would love to be able to
    make it for my new baby girl- could you send it too my email? Thanks for anything you can do, Rebekah

  6. I am having trouble downloading this pattern. would love to make it for my granddaughter:) Can you help me? Thanks.

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