Refrigerator poetry: love and computers


10 years ago when we bought our house, we put a set of fridge poetry magnets on the fridge, with the theme “computers.” Then I got another set with the theme “romance.” The combination was, um, odd. At parties people stood by the fridge and made phrases describing their devotion to Macs (“Macintosh is always a delight”) and dislike of Windows (“ly ing Microsoft sucks & is inferior”), or just random phrases like the ones pictured here.

After almost 10 years, though, I thought it was finally time to clean off the fridge. So the poetry magnets are gone. But, obviously, not forgotten.

One thought on “Refrigerator poetry: love and computers

  1. Cute. 🙂 We combined a set of hippie poetry magnets with a set of cat-themed poetry magnet. Those probably go together better than love and computers.

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