Sick again, Random Ten


Dang it, I just got over that nasty lower-respiratory virus, and now I’ve got another one. Or maybe the same one. I don’t know. It sucks, it’s not fair, and I’m going to pout for a while. And listen to a new Random Ten:

  1. “Maureen” — Fountains of Wayne
  2. “I Can’t Go For That” — ProGrammar; this is the Hall & Oates song, covered by a guy doing all a capella and human beat box stuff. It’s kind of fun.
  3. “The Fourth Dimension” — the Ventures; this is a cover of the Frantics’ song “Werewolf” (well, I think the Frantics themselves might have been covering it as well — I’m not sure), without the horror-movie narration and with more “spacey” sounds.
  4. “Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)” — Paul Young
  5. “Say You’re Wrong” — Julian Lennon; I admit to an inexplicable soft spot for Jules.
  6. “Common People” — William Shatner; one of my favorite singles of the last few years.
  7. “The Imposter” — Elvis Costello
  8. “Pale Shelter” — Tears for Fears
  9. “Weather With You” — Crowded House; one of my least favorite CH songs — the chorus to me sounds more like an old beer commercial jingle than a great song. But it has its moments.
  10. “Message to my Girl” — Split Enz

2 thoughts on “Sick again, Random Ten

  1. For a capella, allow me to recommend Petra Haden’s cover of the entire album “The Who Sell Out.”

    Mike Watt (of Minutemen and other fame) loaned Haden a portable multitracker with the original album on one track, and she overdubbed over that.

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