Knitted: Leaf Vein Scarf


This is a scarf made from one of the edging patterns in Knitting On The Edge, by Nicky Epstein. The only thing I did to make it a scarf was to add a few rows of garter stitch on each end. It is about 56″ long. In this picture it’s hanging so you can see the lace pattern more clearly.

It’s neat how the stripeyness of the variegated yarn is enhanced by the angled “leaves”. The yarn itself is interesting. I found an unfinished garter stitch scarf (with the rest of a ball of wool attached) at the Goodwill outlet store recently. I bought it (for less than a buck) and took it home, where I unraveled and washed it. The yarn turned out to be wool, and the variegated colors are just gorgeous. I have no idea what brand of wool it is, sadly — I’d love to buy more.

(Updated to add: Folks on the Knittyboard were able to identify the yarn for me; it’s Manos del Uruguay in the “Eclipse” colorway. See here for a skein of it.)

Here’s another photo of the scarf.

4 thoughts on “Knitted: Leaf Vein Scarf

  1. You would want to line it with something that wouldn’t stretch, but it could work. This particular pattern is a little wide for a guitar strap unless you do it with much finer yarn, though.

    I have been thinking of making a felted wool guitar strap.

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