Pattern: 1 Day Wristwarmers

Pastaza armwarmer

Here’s another wristwarmers pattern. Why more wristwarmers, you ask? Well, actually, this is the first pair I wrote my own pattern for, but I couldn’t post the pattern because the wristwarmers were supposed to be a gift for someone, so I had to wait until I gave her the gift. In the meantime, I made the cable wristwarmers I posted a few weeks ago. So here is the original pattern. It’s easier, so if the cabled version scared you, try these instead. I can make these in one (8 hour) day of knitting, and if you are not a slow knitter like me, you can probably make them faster. They are great for quick Christmas presents!

The wristwarmers are ribbed, with a vertical thumbhole. They are made of Cascade Pastaza, bulky yarn that is 50% Peruvian Highland Wool/50% Llama wool. (I really like this yarn!) They require US9 double-pointed needles.

You can download the pattern right here. If you like it, please let me know.

Here is another (not so good, sorry) photo:

1-Day wristwarmers

Some people have made these wristwarmers and posted their own pictures! I will link to photos here, so send me your URL if you post pictures of wristwarmers knitted from my pattern:

18 thoughts on “Pattern: 1 Day Wristwarmers

  1. I am a new knitter and have only knitted with circular needles (handbags) I LOVE this pattern but the thought of trying to work with those 3 needles terrifies me! Do you think these can be made with circular needles? If so would you be able (and willing!) to list that? Thanks a million!


  2. Sara- unfortunately, you would only be able to do them on circulars if you did two circulars. One pair of circulars would not be small enough. You may surprise yourself, though. Double-points are way easier than they look. You might even want to try making socks after you get used to them. Then you’ll never be the same. πŸ˜‰

  3. Well, technically it is possible to use circulars IF they are small enough. But it is very difficult to find circs that small. I have a pair that I think are 7″, and the needle part is really really short — I got them at a thrift store. They might work for these. But yes, double-points are a much easier solution.

    Also, I don’t like to use sets of 5 needles in my knitting, so I write my patterns for sets of 4, so that’s a little easier to adjust to.

    Don’t be scared of the double-points; they really are easier than you think! Also, I apologize for not replying to your message, Sara! Somehow I forgot to answer. πŸ™

  4. I use 2 circular needled when I make my hands (as I call them). You just have to figure out how to have them.

  5. pattern! I mean really really cool, I’m going to have to make a pair, only i’m a really really slow knitter (I mean really slow)

  6. I can do basic knitting,but I’ve also been trying to learn the kk also…is it possible to make these on a kk???

  7. by kk I mean a knifty knitter…or knitting loom….for those who haven’t heard of one. They have round,long and other styles.Thanks.

  8. I guess you could make them on a loom, but as I don’t use a loom I can’t be absolutely sure. You can rib on a loom, right? And these are just ribbed tubes. But wouldn’t you need a really tiny loom?

  9. You can find short circulars online, just google them. I can’t remember the website I got mine from but I ordered 12″ & 7″ ones in the sizes I use the most often.

  10. Yes, I saw a bunch of short circs at the yarn shop just last week.

    Another option is to use the Magic Loop method, with a circ that has a really long cable. I’m currently knitting a hat that way.

  11. I definitely made these and loved them, but gave the first pair to my mom as they were intended. It’s my new go-to pattern for armwarmers. Some people are addicted to socks, I’m addicted to armwarmers.

  12. Hey!

    Just about anything that is done on DPN’s can be done with Magic Loop Knitting-
    I made a pair of gloves (plus a bunch of other stuff:-) w/magic loop…
    Just in case someone is a bit leary of DPN’s or 2 circ’s:-)

  13. Thanks for the pattern, I don’t remember where I saw it, but since I am a first time knitter, I am a little hesitant….

    I got to the point where you say to go from circular to flat for ten rows… “Slip the first stitch knitwise, k1, p2, *k2, p2, repeat from * to end of round”

    Do I slip the first stitch on everyone of the ten rows?


  14. hi wendy:

    thanks so much for that pattern. I have a couple of questions. I do not knit on circular needles, only straight. I will be knitting this on straight needles then sewing 2 sides, then felting. i will be adding a flap before i felt, then sew that on as well. I will be finishing with a cool button and braided yarn to wrap around the button for closure.

    I am going to be knitting in only one color. Why do you switch needle sizes between the main color section and the charted pattern section, then switch back? since i am doing this in only one color, what size needles do you recommend? it seems as thought the 15’s are used for the majority of the sleeve…should i go with those?

    thanks for any advice…as i am a rogue knitter and like to see what i can come up by taking already existing patterns and making them my own…i just started knitting last year…i have sewn almost all of my life…so i like to combine sewing with the knitting when i design things. it seems to work better for me right now, and i enjoy it.

    in peace
    jeanine buckley

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