Who are these freaks who want to tear down the Monorail?


Since the monorail accident a couple of weeks ago (which so conveniently followed the electoral ass-kicking of the new monorail project), I, like Susan Paynter, have heard a few people saying “just tear the thing down.” Who are these people who think we should tear it down? I imagine they are the people who would tear down all the old Seattle bungalows and box houses, and replace them with 3-story monstrosities that take up every bit of airspace legally allowed to them; they are the people who gripe every July and August about how much Seafair sucks and how boring and lame it is and why don’t we just cancel it anyway; they are the people who cut down 80 year old trees because they block their view; they are the people who would tear down the Space Needle if they thought it would save them five bucks on taxes. They aren’t Seattleites, though. Seattleites love things like the Monorail, the Needle, Ivar’s on the waterfront and Lake Union, Dick’s Drive-In, J.P. Patches, and ferries in Elliott Bay — things that are uniquely Seattle and can’t be found in every strip mall from here to Florida.

If you want to tear down the monorail, please, just move somewhere else and make that place look like Los Angeles. Just let Seattle be.

One thought on “Who are these freaks who want to tear down the Monorail?

  1. (nod) i got stuck on the monorail for an hour a few years ago. it was a crazy experience and freaked me out about the monorail for a while, but even through all of that i was able to understand that the monorail is Necessary to keep seattle seattle. oh goodness.

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