I think this thing still needs some work


I was trying a new feature in the iTunes Music Store — the “Just For You” section in which they make recommendations based on your previous purchases. It gives me the following:

“You bought ‘Sexuality’ (by Prince).
We recommend: ’16 Most Requested Songs: Les Paul & Mary Ford'”

I… don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “I think this thing still needs some work

  1. Okay, my favorite: “You bought ‘Extra Krispy’ [Mono Puff]; We recommend: Whitesnake”

    Sure. Recommenders that aggregate the purchasing data seem like they would be more useful, but oh well.

  2. Oh, that’s bad. You mean it’s not aggregating? What good is it then?

    There is no way it should get from Prince to Les Paul. Unless Prince plays a Les Paul. But that’s different.

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