Knitting progress: scarf and sock


Finally, a finished knitting project! This is a “feather and fan” lace scarf that I started in… May, I think. I got it most of the way done then, then set it aside until this week. It was my first attempt at any kind of lace, and it was very easy. I could have made it longer, but I decided I wanted to be done with it, and it is long enough for me. It is quite warm and soft. When the weather changes I’ll definitely be wearing this one.

I also finished one sock out of a pair, and you can see a picture of that here. The great thing about socks is that they knit up quickly so you can think “yay, I finished one!” The bad thing is that then you think “aw, I have to knit another one!” Anyway. My feet are always cold in the winter, so maybe I will knit more wool socks.

6 thoughts on “Knitting progress: scarf and sock

  1. So kniting? Have you lost the guitar fingers, or just added to them with all the project aches and pains? Just to old me out our oldest is about to turn 16, the other one twelve-now I just come up with $ for four Dropokick Murphy ticks(five if Colin gets his date). Watch for Colin’s name in Nathan Hale hoops results this season.

  2. My guitar calluses are not in full calloused mode at the moment. It actually hurts my arms less to knit than to play guitar! Wow, 16 and 12 already? That’s wild!

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