“A hollow voice says, ‘Fool.'”


Back in the ancient mists of time (or something like that), there was a computer game called Adventure. In that game, there was a magic word: xyzzy. Since then, a lot of games have included xyzzy in some form as a tribute to the much-loved Adventure game. And I do mean a lot. The xyzzy responses page collects as many examples as possible, and some are pretty funny, such as the goofy Christopher Cross parody. (Gads, I really am showing my age now.)

One thought on ““A hollow voice says, ‘Fool.'”

  1. I’ve been into Adventure, Zork, etc… I’m only 20.
    I’d like to program some interactive fiction of my own…
    Some day when I have the gumption to do so.

    Thanks for that reminder that those games still do exist,


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