Adults can spell, too


Spelling Bee trophy Apparently spelling bees for adults are on the rise! I love this!

As some of you know, I competed in spelling bees as a kid. I was the Seattle city spelling champion in 1979, and came in roughly 35th out of 180 in the regional bee that year. (I say roughly because I no longer remember the exact numbers.) 34 short of going to Washington for the national bee. I still treasure the two red dictionaries I received as a prize the two years I went to regionals, and I have several trophies with bees on top (like the one pictured here, which is the Seattle Champion 1979 trophy). It was a blast, and I was really bummed that I had to “retire” after eighth grade. Watching the National Bee and the movie Spellbound in the last few years made me miss spelling bees a lot. So if there is an adult bee, I want to try it!

I am still too young for the Senior Spelling Bee described in the link, but maybe someone will make one for those of us in my age group. Anyone?

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