Catching the towing company in the act


Tian saw a tow truck operator probably damage a vehicle today. He took pictures with his cell phone, and the truck driver wasn’t too happy with this. Then he posted them on his blog, and was soon graced with the presence of someone called “Owner of company” who is threatening legal action.

I find this amusing because when I posted something about a local towing company last year, that company’s owner also showed up here to reply. (To his credit, he didn’t threaten to sue, and seems willing to enter a dialog with people. ) Apparently, replying to weblog posts is just part of the towing company owner’s job! (Actually, I think that the guy who posted on Tian’s site is probably not the real owner, anyway — just someone trying to mess with him. )

5 thoughts on “Catching the towing company in the act

  1. Was the company towing the car for violating a city parking law or something? Because in that case I guess the cop who writes the ticket gets to serve as the authorizing agent. Since the car was being towed from the street it must have been a municipal tow… I hope.

  2. My original entry was only to show how a tow truck driver damages a vehicle, tries to leave the scene before the owner shows up, and was all captured on camera. Whether if the car was parked in a tow-away zone, I don’t know. The entry was to provide information for the owner of the vehicle, if he/she noticed the damage afterwards.

  3. Most states have regulatory agencies for tow companies. This sometimes acts as a safety net for consumers. In stead of letting tow companies do whatever they want, to the financial detriment of vehicle owners; certain rules are in place. Some rules provide that the equipment used must be in certain condition. Some rules cover the manner in which a vehicle must be handled as to prevent possible damage to the vehicle.
    Tow truck drivers, and their owners really to not like being caught breaking these rules because there is a chance that they could lose their permit to do business and with it their revenue. This is one good reason why they become SO outraged when anyone even attempts to document their actions. I have even heard operators claim that it is illegal for them to be videotaped or photographed. The logic baffles my mind. As long as the documenting party is not threatening or interfering with the operator, why would it be an issue. Perhaps, they just do not want to be caught breaking the law.
    Yup, that’s probably what it comes down to.

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