Since childhood I’ve had an inexplicable love for all kinds of Hawaiian kitsch. If you feel that way too, you should check out Critiki, a very very cool site that rates and reviews restaurants, bowling alleys, hotels, bars, theme park attractions and just about anything else with a tiki theme. The site looks really good, too. (Found via BoingBoing.)

3 thoughts on “Critiki

  1. Hello there! This is Humuhumu. I actually remember slumberland from waaaaay back in the dial-up days. Back then, I was PEZaddict, and I hung out mostly on Alpo’s Tripwire board. Thanks for the kind words about Critiki, it’s my labor of love. My apologies in advance for the relative suckiness of the tiki bar in Kirkland, but it’s better than nothing. The Alibi in Portland is the nearest must-see tiki place. Anyway, thanks for bringing my life in one big, weird, decade-long circle and making my day feel nicely tweaked.

  2. Oh man. I would totally go to the tiki bar, but being a bar, I imagine it’s smoke-infested. And since I have asthma, that would mean it’s out of the question. If it’s smoke-free, though, I’m there!

    Humuhumu, it never fails to amaze me how the Web can be simultaneously so huge and yet so small. đŸ™‚ I do remember you from Citadels. (My BBS is still up, of course; just telnet:// .) Your Critiki site is awesome.

    I had dinner at Trader Vic’s right before it closed, and my mom asked if I could take the salt and pepper shakers home. I was mortified, but the waiter did give them to me. They’re packed away at the moment, though.

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