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Adapted from part of an old post by Ian:

You have to meet a particular person in Seattle. You don’t know who this person is, where they are from, why they want to meet you, or anything else. All you know is that they are looking for you too, and they know nothing about you either.

Where in Seattle do you go to meet this person?

What time would you go there?

Think of your answers before you read the comments to this post. Then post what you thought of.

I’m just curious how similar our answers will be.

13 thoughts on “Meet me in Seattle

  1. I have to admit the first place that came to mind was the Mitt sculpture outside Safeco Field. But no, that’s not my real answer. I’d have to say, the base of the Space Needle, 4 pm.

  2. But I don’t think some random person who doesn’t know anything about you and just knows they need to meet you somewhere in Seattle will go to Java Love. It’s kind of obscure.

  3. i’d have to say under the needle…afterall that’s the first thing most people think of when they think seattle.

    probably early afternoon… 1 or 2pm

  4. Whoops. Didn’t catch that we are just wandering the city looking for each other….. wait a minute. How the heck are we supposed to even recognize each other? I think I’d just put an ad in the Seattle Weekly and stick with the Java Love. Or maybe Elliott Bay books, in case I have to wait a long time. 😉

  5. For the purposes of the game we will say that you will somehow recognize the person. I dunno, maybe the only thing you know about each other is that you’ll be wearing indentifying clothing, or something.

  6. Somewhere public very specific but not crowded. So maybe an early hour, like 6 (since this isn’t me I can suggest the wee hours of the morning) or off peak 2 pm say, like Daniel said. What about somewhere like the lobby of city hall?

  7. I’d want to meet down near the piers as the sun was setting. I’m a hopeless romantic and given the situation, if we were supposed to meet and it was “meant to be,” or what not, that’s where I imagine it should be.

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