An era has ended


I discovered something interesting while browsing The Seattle Public Library Equipment page tonight:

“Typewriters? They are no longer available at Library locations.”

Wow. Can you believe that? Typewriters are completely gone from the Seattle library system? I wonder when that happened? I remember using typewriters at the library to work on my r?sum?, but it was a long time ago. Still, it surprises me a bit that they are all gone.

2 thoughts on “An era has ended

  1. All that Libraries for All money floating around and they can’t hang onto a couple of typewriters? Must be because Homeland Security can’t monitor them. Oh, well, maybe MOHAI has some to rent….

  2. Yeah, I wonder where you go now if for some reason you actually need a typewriter. Though I can’t think of many reasons for it now… I mean, if I want to type to fill in a form, I scan the form and fill it in in Photoshop. But I am a known freak that way.

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