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I’ve posted about some of the BBC language sites before (particularly the Gaelic ones, if I recall correctly), but I just found the mainBBC Languages web site, and it’s pretty darned neat for learners of several different languages. They have lessons posted in several different levels, including audio and video content, and if you’ve previously studied French, German, Spanish, or Italian, you can take an online test to see which level you’ve achieved and which resources best suit your ability.

I passed all the questions in the German test (which might rank me a little more highly than I ought to be), and came in at the beginner level in French (which is about right), and the site recommended specific programs and exercises would be best for me. The programs and exercises are all available for free right there on the BBC site. It’s really a great resource.

Don’t forget to visit the “Other” section, where languages such as Greek, Gaelic (both Irish and Scottish versions), Welsh, and Chinese can be found, though I don’t believe there are ability assessment tests for those languages on the site.

15 thoughts on “Test your language skills

  1. Wow. I did the same search a couple of months ago and didn’t find much. I was hoping to find that someone had archived a bunch of the posts, because I have nothing saved from that time. πŸ™

  2. Oh, I have megs and megs of CI$ stuff.

    By the way, I theorized that people should compile a set of catch-phrases and subjects that they’ve used at points in their life and boil that down to a paragraph or two, to put on a page as sort of a biography. Then, when somebody wonders “Whatever happened to that guy in high school who used to say ‘Obey the salami!’ all the time?” they just feed it into Google, and presto!

  3. Oh, you have an archive… all my Navigator files are lost. πŸ™ Well, no particular thread title, it’s just that I realized that I wrote a lot of stuff in the first half of the 90s that I don’t have copies of. I think I must have posted some music reviews, for example.

  4. I wish I knew. I was trying to find it and can’t find it anywhere. (I don’t even have a working floppydrive any more so even if I could find my old discs I can’t play them.) Darn CompuServe for using those stupid numbers…

  5. Oh, and PS: Tomorrow I’m heading to New Jersey to visit other people from a mailing list (Alternet — no relation to alternet.org) started by Steve Pond for ex-RockNetters.

  6. I could not remember a date other than it would have been in the 1991-1995 period, probably. Darn it. How did the visit go? Who was there?

    I’ve been sick so I can’t say I’ve been having a fun August. :/

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