How to read a Chinese menu


Mei Wah is a series of lessons on how to read Chinese characters — but not just any characters. These are the ones you’ll need to read menus and restaurant signs. Very cool and lots of fun, too. (via Anita Rowland.)

4 thoughts on “How to read a Chinese menu

  1. Sadly, it seems the site is now down. It was up a couple weeks ago and I got a chance to read through some of the material, but I’ve been trying to get back and read through the rest of it, but it’s been down since then. Sad. It looked like it had some great information!

  2. I know this is a very ancient thread, but I have started a new website that teaches how to learn to read a Chinese menu one dish at a time. If your readers find this post, as I did, they might be interested in checking out my website since the Mei Wah site you mentioned is no longer available.

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