Flash and boom in the middle of the night


Did any of you see this? I saw the flash, then heard some odd booming noises. I was briefly worried, because I thought the noises sounded like someone trying to break in, and I thought maybe the flash had been a police helicopter spotlight looking for a fugitive, and the light had flashed by my window. Yeah, I know, overactive imagination. But the sky was clear and there was no thunder, so it didn’t seem to be lightning.

I wish I had been looking up when it happened. I’ve seen a meteor fireball before, but never anything this bright.

5 thoughts on “Flash and boom in the middle of the night

  1. I saw the flash through the bedroom window, and thought it might be a police helicopter too. I was stumped by the noise, though. It wasn’t a bang, or even the kind of rumble you get from thunder–it was the kind of low rolling growl that you get with earthquakes. So I thought it was an earthquake, and that the flash and noise must have been separate things, timed coincidentally. My wife was pretty sure the flash had been burglars breaking into our neighbor’s house, so we got up and looked around, and didn’t see any signs that it might have been an earthquake. I eventually decided it had either been a UFO landing on our roof, or a meteor burst. I’m glad to see that I was right (although I am a bit disappointed that it wasn’t a UFO).

  2. I was gawking at the computer screen as well, but there is a window just above it. 😉 I’m still disappointed that I wasn’t looking directly out the window, though!

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