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I threatened to add a new theme to the blog the other day, and here it is. It’s gray and rainy in Seattle for Memorial Day weekend, but at least you can get some blue sky from this new theme. It’s a bit lower in contrast than some themes, so it may not look good on some monitors, but I hope that most of you enjoy it.

As always, you can change the visual theme of the site at any time, just by clicking one of the themes in the menu bar.

(Edited to add: Ah, what the heck. I just added yet another theme for you. This one is lilac/white, a three column-layout, structurally based on the Dots WordPress template by Alex King. I’m not sure about the 3 column thing; it might be overly busy. But it’s a nice change.)

(Edited yet again to add: Bored already, I tweaked the lilac style sheet some more. The purple grid is gone.)

2 thoughts on “New Theme added

  1. Thank you! I thought you were devoted to the Rusty Stripes theme, though. 😉

    I am going to tweak this one a bit more (not in any noticeable way, I think) and then make some more 3 column ones. I’m getting used to it.

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