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I would love it if someone could tell me why, when viewing this site through the Lemony Yellow theme, certain headlines look different from the rest. The Julius Schwartz headline and the Cola Through the Ages headline both aren’t showing the H3 style. But when I look at the code they look the same as the other headlines. Any CSS whizzes out there who can tell me what I’m missing? Originally the H3s did all look the same, so I must have broken it, but I’m not seeing what I did.

4 thoughts on “CSS irritation

  1. Looks ok to me. May be a cache issue? What browsers are you having trouble with? I know that Safari 1.1 has CSS cache issue, which is fixed in 1.2

  2. Hm. I’m using Safari 1.2. But now that you mention it… the problem is not there in Mozilla. So maybe it is Safari that is screwy. I was having lots of trouble last night with making changes that wouldn’t show up on the page.

    It’s a lot harder to edit a style sheet that I didn’t write myself because it involves a lot more detective work. 🙂

  3. May be it was just a caching issue around (your server, Safari cache, etc.) Personally if Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Camino) displays fine then I don’t worry about the rest. In most cases, Safari’s behavior is identical to Mozilla and I don’t even bother with IE. Apart from just checking the page is not all messed up!

  4. Yeah, Safari usually is pretty close to Moz which is why I was so surprised to have this problem. Even if Safari has a known CSS caching issue, I’ve never run into it before.

    Actually… I didn’t bother checking this one in IE. Mostly because I have had such good luck with my CSS working well in IE. I suppose I should check, huh?

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