Join us for a feast of knowledge!

Welcome to An Tir's Culinary Symposium 2011. This will be a weekend for all those interested in pre-17th century cooking. We'll be cooking, eating, sharing research, and learning together. There will be classes for everyone from those new to historical food to those who have loved it for years, covering topics including fun and delicious historical tourney food, Ottoman and Persian cuisines fit for a sultan, 16th century German cookery, English city foods, comfit making and other candied delights, a vicarious tour of King Henry the VIII's kitchen at Hampton Court Palace with recipes, and so much more.

This event will be held in An Tir, in the Shire of Wyewood (Enumclaw, Washington) on the weekend of April 15-17, 2011.

Please keep your eyes on this site over the next few weeks as we will be adding more information about the event.

Food and medieval pottery at a recent Ithra class. Photo by Wenyeva atte grene.

About the site

The Symposium is being held this year at Camp Sheppard, Enumclaw, Washington. The camp is located on State Route 410 in the Snoqualmie National Forest. More information about the site is here.

Confirmed class topics
  • Cheese Making in 1500-1600s Europe
  • Sugar Paste Exhibit in York (And More)
  • Visit to Classes By Ivan Day
  • Vicarious Tour of Hampton Court
  • Making Comfits
  • Tourney Cooking
  • Autocratting a Feast
  • Medieval English Street Food
  • Roman Cuisine II: It's Not All Apicius!
  • Anna Wecker's Kitchen: A Look Into the World of Early Modern German Culinary Practice
  • Spices: Tracing the Spice Routes
  • Bread Without Commercial Yeast
  • Fermentation in Theory And Practice
  • Cloche Baking
  • Dutch Oven Bread Making
  • Dining With the Sultan: History of 15th and 16th C. Ottoman Cuisine (Lecture)
  • Dining With the Sultan: Cooking 15th and 16th C. Ottoman Food (Cooking)
  • 16th C. Persian Polaws/Rice Dishes
  • Peculiar Persian and Arab Foods
  • English Pies and Tarts
  • Cooking in Pottery Over Coals
  • 1630's Spanish Drinking Chocolate
  • I Want Candy! Surveying the Art of Medieval Candied Noms
  • Lenten Dietary Practices in the Middle Ages
  • Period Feasts for Modern Allergies

See the Classes page for further information and registration info as we finalize the schedule.