30 Aug

Now you know why it only costs $3.99

I saw this Halloween decoration on sale at Jo-Ann Crafts in Renton, WA the other day. “Trick or Treak”? The least they could do was have a native English-speaker look over the stuff at some point before the product got sent out to all the stores. They probably made thousands of these cheap, crappy, ugly, and misspelled halloween decorations.

Is “treak” some reference I’m unfamiliar with? Or intended to be some mixture of “trick” and “freak”? (Or “tweak”? Is Dracula a tweaker? It might explain the bug eyes.) I don’t think so. I think this is what happens when a company is so cheap that no one gets paid to do any quality control.

(Sorry the photo’s got some blur. It was a camera phone pic.)

23 Aug

“Baby Eleanor,” finished!

I’m a bit late getting this onto the blog. The photos have been up on Flickr for a couple of days now. Anyway, I finally finished the Baby Eleanor — a smaller version of the Lady Eleanor wrap from Scarf Style. It took much longer than necessary because I just don’t enjoy entrelac that much, so I would go a couple of months at a time without working on it. The results are nice, though. I’m glad I made it, but I won’t knit another one. 🙂

Technical info:

  • Yarn: Patons SWS Natural Geranium. Including tassels, used about 4 1/3 skeins… I think. Could have been 5 1/3.
  • Needles: US 9.
  • Dimensions, blocked: 63 inches long without tassels, 79 inches long with tassels, 10 inches wide.

More photos of the Baby Eleanor here.

My next project will be this gorgeous Gretel hat, which I’m already halfway finished with.

03 Aug

Bloggers invade KOMO

Photo by l0ckergn0me.

Last night KOMO-TV hosted a local blogger get-together at Fisher Plaza. I was a little suspicious — after all, they promised us food, alcohol, and swag, and why would KOMO want to do that for a bunch of misfit bloggers? But it sounded interesting, and despite last minute misgivings (I am a major introvert), I attended. To my surprise, I had a pretty good time! I did not see some of the folks I expected to see there, but did run into some other familiar names. I also met a lot of really neat people I didn’t know of before, so now I’ll be adding a lot of blogs to the reading list.

The photo here is the group photo taken in the Northwest Afternoon studio. I have other photos in my Flickr stream.

Thanks to Chris Pirillo for organizing the event!

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