07 Mar

Catching the towing company in the act

Tian saw a tow truck operator probably damage a vehicle today. He took pictures with his cell phone, and the truck driver wasn’t too happy with this. Then he posted them on his blog, and was soon graced with the presence of someone called “Owner of company” who is threatening legal action.

I find this amusing because when I posted something about a local towing company last year, that company’s owner also showed up here to reply. (To his credit, he didn’t threaten to sue, and seems willing to enter a dialog with people. ) Apparently, replying to weblog posts is just part of the towing company owner’s job! (Actually, I think that the guy who posted on Tian’s site is probably not the real owner, anyway — just someone trying to mess with him. )

02 Mar

What?s Wrong with the Bankruptcy Reform Bill?

So you’ve heard about a bankruptcy reform bill being discussed these days. Think it’s a good idea? Read this. I’ve never been bankrupt, and hope never to be, but I live in fear of a medical emergency or lengthy period of unemployment turning our lives upside down. Maybe if I were Bill Gates I could think that this “reform” bill would never affect me, but I think most Americans are one serious illness away from bankruptcy — even with savings and insurance, considering how high medical costs can be, and how frequently insurers don’t cover 100%.

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