Medical journal advertisements in 1886


(edited March 2013: Google broke my links to some of the images. Sorry if they don’t make sense anymore. Maybe I will fix them at some point. Damn Google.)

While searching for something entirely different on Google Books (which is just about my favorite place on the Web these days), I stumbled on an issue of The Lancet, a British medical journal, from 1886. The advertisements in it, for patent medicines, food, “sanitary appliances” and more, are fascinating. Here are a few:
Text not available
Yes, “liquid meat” would make me want to “barff”, too.

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Note “Coca.” As in “cocaine.” A “powerful nerve stimulant indeed!

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Ah, stout. “Particularly suited for invalids, ladies nursing, or anyone requiring a good strengthening beverage.” It’s what the doctor ordered!

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