Make more frosting next time… and there should be a next time


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Well, I made the cake (with much help from Mina). It tastes amazing. However, as you can see here, it looks kind of goofy. Really goofy. There is a reason for this.

The reason it looks weird is that the recipe we had doesn’t make enough frosting to frost the whole cake! Next time, we’ll double the frosting part.

What we did was to take the custard filling that is supposed to be between the layers, and extend it around the bottom layer. There was plenty of custard to do that, since we only made a two layer cake instead of three. (Between the two of us we only had two 9″ cake pans and two 8″ cake pans. What is up with that?) It looks a little messy to have the custard around the outside like that — it’s wetter than the frosting. But it is heavenly.

Other notes: The batter is good. The cake is very light and has a wonderful orange flavor. (There is a little coconut in the batter but I didn’t really notice it much.) The custard filling is amazing, my favorite part of the cake. It is an orange curd, sort of. I want to put it in jars and then spread it on everything… pastries, bread, cookies…

The frosting is a boiled frosting, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before. It is a little different than the buttercream I’ve made in the past, and you have to work quickly once you start frosting the cake. The frosting here is basically the classic “7-minute Frosting” recipe, with some added citrus flavor.

I am going to edit the recipe post slightly to reflect what we learned while making this. Basically, though, I’d recommend this recipe to anyone who likes citrus, coconut, and cake. It is really wonderful stuff.

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