Another way to use up extra milk: Dulce de Leche


A few weeks ago I posted about my homemade cheese experiment to use up excess milk. This week I had an unusual amount of extra milk to get rid of — a whole half gallon! Well, Halloween is coming up and so my thoughts turned to sweets… and found the perfect way to use up a lot of milk, simply. Dulce de leche is easy, if not quick, and has only four ingredients: milk, sugar, a bit of vanilla, and a bit of baking soda.

I basically used Alton Brown’s recipe, with a little inspiration from this one as well. I cooked it for about three hours and ended up with this lovely thick sauce. I had it today drizzled over bananas, and in coffee, and on oatmeal.

I think I need to give the rest away or I may regret it. I am not sure I need the sugar overload. But wow, it’s good.

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