Finished knit project: Fuzzy Red Kitty Bed


Well, it would have been nice if I’d finished this on Pi Day, because it’s from a pattern called “Kitty Pi,” but at least I finished it in March. This is a bed for our cats.

Technical details:

It’s felted, and knitted from Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky, with size US11 needles. I used two skeins of Ruby Red and one of Orange You Glad, and have a little bit left of each color. I also used some Target Fuzzy Fur around the edge, but guess what? It doesn’t even show in the final felted item. So it was useless. Oh well.

Do the kitties like it? Well, I haven’t caught one sleeping in it yet, but Sherman will at least cuddle up to it:

Sherman trying out the kitty bed

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