Capsule description of the last two weeks


Me in a V for Vendetta costume on Halloween.
  • It is possible that I get too much into the Halloween thing.
  • A V mask scares the crap out of small children who are trick-or-treating.
  • I seem to have possibly acquired a third job…
  • …but only if I do well on the exam this week, which is taking many many hours of my time.
  • Sherman, our 5.5 month old kitten, has finally calmed down enough from his psycho-kittenness so that I can occasionally knit (photo coming soon). Before he would attack the needles immediately so I got absolutely no knitting done for a couple of months.
  • There was an election this week and HOLY CRAP IT ACTUALLY WENT OUR WAY FOR ONCE.
  • I really want to get that cat pics post off the top of the blog!

Now I just need to get some more of this exam done by the deadline. In the meantime, here’s a holiday song and some drummer jokes to boot!

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